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Please fill out the following form prior to picking up your Slingshot

1. No spinning of back tire/Burning out!

2. No reckless driving!  (25 mph over speed limit)


3. No excessive Alerts.( Loss of deposit may be possible if (20) or more alerts.

4. Nobody else is allowed to drive!

5. There is a $25 late fee imposed for every 15 minutes late on return time.

6. Customer pays for any traffic violations, tickets, towing fees and noise ordinance tickets.

7. Any curb rash to rims is min of $200 per rim.

8. Any damage to front of vehicle is usually loss of entire Security Deposit or more. 

9. Refuel cost $60

10. No refunds of any kind including early returns or weather.

~ If above rules are violated or rental is terminated by our company. We have a legal binding right to keep your security and seek further charges for any damage to Slingshot that was not previously there. We also have a right to terminate the rental if we are unable to reach the " Renter " in regards to any violations or alerts received.

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